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Hello wanderous peeps and welcome to my wonderful haven! :ahoy:
I'm Edward the Cat, a friendly nautical-themed feline whom is a lighthouse keeper! ^^
(In fact, it was likely the distant beam that guided you here! :aww:)

I'm mostly a traditional cartoonist, drawing all sorts of various sketches from the wonderful world of animation and cartoons, including Disney, Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera and others!

I hope this gallery is both entertaining and adorable! :painter:


Fencer the Cat by WrongWayWhiskers
Fencer the Cat
A little drawing of Fencer the Cat, as he appears in the adorable 1980's Hanna-Barbera series, Foofur! :dance:

(Idea originally suggested by :iconthrillingraccoon: ThrillingRaccoon. :aww:)

Fencer the Cat (Foofur) © Hanna-Barbera.
Artwork © Myself. (WrongWayWhiskers) :pencil:
Up, Up, and Away! by WrongWayWhiskers
Up, Up, and Away!
Me and Scrappy-Doo free-floating away into a wonderful new future, one that will be filled with many sorts of new wonders and curiosities! :airborne: ^^

It was originally drawn for the new year and its future prospects, but at the time, I was still getting the hang of this site. :forgiveme: I hope it's adorable! :aww:

© Hanna-Barbera.
Edward the Cat and artwork © Myself. (WrongWayWhiskers) :floating:
Bring Me That Horizon! by WrongWayWhiskers
Bring Me That Horizon!
Sailing away to places of all sorts of mystical wonder, just waiting to be discovered out there beyond that horizon! :aww: ^^

Edward the Cat and artwork © Myself. (WrongWayWhiskers) :ahoy:
A Little Yarn Trouble... by WrongWayWhiskers
A Little Yarn Trouble...
Being a cat, sometimes I get a little too carried away with my yarn collection...and it'll get the best of me! ^^;

Edward the Cat and artwork © Myself. (WrongWayWhiskers) :pencil:

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